We don’t just teach our clients the TRICKS of the Travel Trade

It’s how we built our company

Since April 2003, Adv Travel has been teaching people how to travel on killer deals through our network of agents. Not bland travel company nonsense, but creative and dedicated ways to benefit our clients.

These days, that’s called Travel Management. Adv Travel founder, the late Dr A, has been building Travel Management tools since 1983, before anyone used that term.

Adv Travel started as a simple one woman business. Today we’re known as Dream Merchants — a Travel Technology and Management company with more than 700,000 unique customers worldwide and we’ve grown using useful client experiences so we can provide further exceptional products and services.

No advertising. No venture capital. Only word of mouth.

Just $500 in seed cash and a whole lot of time and effort spent teaching others how to assist Advocates and Doctors. Every product we’ve released was conceived from the practical, real-world needs we see every day in our audience and you our clients.

Today we’re a profitable company with 8 figures in annual revenue that’s growing fast. But our mission has never changed: We’ll help you create DREAMS that helps you reach your leisure and family GOALS.


Your free Travel Exposure education:

How did we know back in 2003 that travel management would become so important?

Because Niche market Client Management has been a smart way to find more niche customers and clients for at least 100 years. But now the Internet has empowered prospective customers and clients to the point that there is too much info. Too much info is mind boggling. So once again our niche market clients wants total management.

Today, Adv Travel brings you original, relevant deals every week about what’s working right now in the travel industry. And we’re not too humble to say it’s the most popular product for Advocates on the planet.

What can you expect?

It’s not (just) about money

It’s not (just) about our company.

It’s not (just) about marketing.

Today, it’s always the bigger picture. You need to understand all the facets of effective travel, and we cover the game with the right tools for our clients.

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